Laughing Monk is an esteemed brewery known for (in particular) it's award-winning Hazy IPAs. I feel honored to join forces with this brewery as a freelance designer, where it is my goal to elevate the visual appeal of their products on the shelf. My mission is to help develop a strong brand identity that authentically reflects their vision.
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What Is Laughing Monk?
Laughing Monk Brewing is neslted in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. It was began by beer fans, growing up on the hoppy pales of California, but fuses techniques and flavors from Belgium Beer. According to their story: "Where California celebrates bright, citrusy, resiny hops, Belgium is all about subtle malt and expressive yeast. We draw from both these heritages to create uniquely delicious new beers."

Their logo, which is represented as a jovial monk, is utilized as a "Mr.Potato Head" which can be dressed up throughout their various can designs. This allows for creative freedom while tying back to their original brand identity.

For this company, I work alongside the Director of Sales, Scott Maxey, to help bring my creative input and consultation for upcoming new beer flavors, that needs a stand-out label to match the newest creation.
Brother Freeze
Laughing Monk offers a Cold IPA that utilizes a unique brewing method, created in partnership with Temescal Brewing in Oakland. At its core, a Cold IPA is distinguished by the utilization of lager yeasts at lower temperatures, resulting in a refreshing, crisp, and highly hopped India Pale Ale. Notably, this particular label has garnered the highest number of likes to date on Laughing Monk's official Instagram account.

The theme for this collaboration was Mr. Freeze, one of Batman's most iconic villains. There are multiple renditions of the Mr. Freeze character I could have drew inspiration from, but one in particular that stuck out to me was the iconic portrayal of Mr. Freeze in "Batman: The Animated Series." From the show, Mr.Freeze's character transformed from one who merely employed cold-related puns in the comic books, to a figure with a poignant and sympathetic backstory. I wanted to capture this divergent change by juxtaposing his vibrant red goggles against an icy-blue backdrop.
Brother Link
To target the gaming community, I used a lot of homages and cues from the Legend of Zelda series to make this particular can stand out from other modern beer can designs available.

Utilizing my pixel art skills, I used the classic 8-bit version as a base, and painstakingly added many small elements that even die-hard Legend of Zelda fans would notice, making the whole experience more enjoyable for them. As one comment on Instagram stated: "Do you ship? It's sentimental because my dad and I used to play Zelda and it was his favorite game ever. I'd love to order and have it shipped!" 

This particular can definitely tapped into something I'm incredibly passionate about (classic video games) and allowed me to share that passion with a consumer base.
Brother Waldo
A hazy IPA, inspired by renowned children's literature, this label proved to be a fun project that connected with my childhood and evoked a sense of nostalgia. The process of designing the label provided an enjoyable exploration into the distinctive wiggly-line drawing techniques characteristic of the Waldo books.

In addition to the walk down memory lane derived from this project, Brother Waldo achieved noteworthy recognition by securing the Bronze award in the Hazy Strong Pale Ale category at the Brewers Cup of California. It's quite satisfying to work on a label that has received recognition from established beer judges.
Deliverables - Can Labels
While a new beer variety is being developed for retail distribution, Laughing Monk works with its internal team to establish a concept that is thematically related to the particular beer style that is being considered. Demonstrating an appreciation for pop culture spanning realms such as video games, movies, and celebrities, the team pays homage to these influences while tying the chosen theme with the unique characteristics of the beer.

Aligned with the brewery's love of witty wordplay, I get a sense of professional fulfillment from turning their abstract concepts into eye-catching labels. The team's excitement for pop culture is evident in their collaborative approach, which also highlights their dedication to crafting a compelling story that appeals to customers.

Here are a few particular examples that I had a lot of fun working on:
Additional Can Designs
Here are a few additional designs created by me. Featured on Laughing Monk's official Instagram account. Click on any image to enlarge.
I find great satisfaction collaborating with Laughing Monk Brewing. As an aficionado of pop culture, it is truly rewarding to bring these concepts to life. Witnessing the beer cans I design appear on the shelves of stores, and hearing the joy it brings to beer enthusiasts, is a source of great fulfillment for me.
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