Health Wallet had no visual identity when I came on board as the sole creative. We needed to create a brand that’s approachable and inclusive, while acknowledging that clinical trials are a complex and serious subject.
Health Wallet Visual Identity
Branding, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Health Wallet
Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition
Head of Creative Design
What Is Health Wallet?
From vaccines to life-saving medicines, every medical discovery starts with clinical research.

But participants and researchers often fail to find each other. Only 8% of people seeking clinical studies join one, and over a third of clinical studies fail to hit their enrollment goals. Health Wallet fixes this problem.

For this company, I was the lead/sole designer for a number of major deliverables: Logo, an Explainer Video, and Website Collateral.
Deliverables - Logo
A competitive analysis revealed corporate blue is dominant in the healthcare industry. But it was too plain for our tech brand. We opted for a calming combination of sea green and turquoise.

We chose the wallet logo because of its universal recognition and its ability to capture the essence of Health Wallet. The logo conveys how Health Wallet lets you keep a secure copy of your health records, which you can access and use at any time.
RGB: 74, 255, 176
Color Swatch for Health Wallet
RGB: 2, 120, 86
Third Color Swatch for Health Wallet Logo
RGB: 3, 25, 39
Second Color Swatch for Health Wallet Logo
Proxima Nova, Medium
Health Wallet Logo
Health Wallet Logo Black
Health Wallet Logo color background
Health Wallet Logo horizontalHealth Logo
Explainer Video
Explainer videos offer a unique challenge, and we had about two minutes to explain how clinical trials work and what Health Wallet offers to potential investors. I found competitors’ videos tended to have an overly safe corporate feel, and I set us apart with a soft and approachable design.

By giving the figures uneven line limbs and incomplete circle heads, I combined the seeming simplicity of a sketch with an overall clean appearance. I also maintained a strong color identity by using various shades of sea green and turquoise.
Working alongside CEO Tom Pamucku and a copywriter, we developed a script and established characters for our patients and researchers. I then created thumbnails and notes for a rough animatic.

We agreed on using a library as an analogy for the product. The library contains the vast stacks of clinical trials a patient can encounter, with Health Wallet as the helpful librarian guiding you to the correct section.

From there, I created more detailed illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and imported them into After Effects. I edited the voice actress’s clips using Adobe Audition to match the pacing, and used Duik Bassel to help rig our protagonist for easier animation. Check out the full video below: 
Next, we turned our effort to update the public-facing touchpoints of Health Wallet by applying more detailed storytelling and visual identity to the website. This is where both patients and researchers all land to learn more and sign up for access to clinical research.
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Health Wallet Website screenshot of Hero Image
Rather than using generic stock photography and following the industry's purple-skin trend, I crafted detailed illustrations to give life to the website and stay in the confines of our sea green and turquoise color palette. The friendly approach calls back the explainer video's style, and is inclusive of various genders, races, and ages.
Working as the sole designer at an early-stage startup was exciting and challenging. My experience in web and graphic design helped me complete the 360-branding campaign and create a video from scratch. But I had to hone my decision-making skills and become more precise in my design process to succeed in the fast-paced environment.

I also found this work to be incredibly rewarding, and I can attest to CEO Tom Pamukcu's passion. I enjoyed helping him bring his vision to life and working on a product that is improving the world.
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