What if Tinder implemented a personality test to help those that rely on star signs too much and also those who are bad at writing profiles? 

Professional solo development project
Tinder (disclaimer: I am not a designer at Tinder) 
Concept, Research, Illustration, UI
Users of Tinder tend to post the profiles they enjoy, or dislike, on various websites, such as Reddit, to share with the internet. Jokes and comments are made how “all women profiles are the same, there is no originality.” (the same can be said about men's profiles too). Once discussing with (very single) friends about how it is extremely hard it is to gauge a woman's personality on Tinder with limited information (or any information at all!) on their bios. If only there was a way to gauge a personality quickly, even if the person does not fill in their bio information.

I myself, while swiping through Tinder, had discovered there were trends I was seeing in how women wanted to convey themselves and had my own personal biases, probably shaped through internet jokes and memes.

however after scanning through over 500 profiles, the opposite holds true.

They say people tend to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. While users of Tinder may complain that profiles come off as rude or cold, a surprisingly low number (the lowest out of those collected) featured only the Dictator Archetype.
The Problem
Visual Developer
Jun 2016 — Jul 2017