Skills: Branding, Logo Design, Illustration

Leviathan Logo Full Display
The challenge

To help potential clients identify and recognize me as a designer, I wanted to create a Logo that set out to accomplish two goals:

1.) Create a powerful and recognizable logo that stood out from the rest

2.) Represent a union of my design strengths and passions, mainly Video Games, Classical fantasy and Japanese elements, and 80s aesthetic.

Inspiration Redo.png
Inspiration Redo2.png
Inspiration Redo4.png
Inspiration Redo3.png
Background and inspiration

(From Left: Pisces Astrological Sign, Dragon Chinese Astrological Sign, "The Destruction of Levaithan," wood-engraving by Gustave Dore, "Leviathan" summon from Final Fantasy 7)

The Leviathan is a creature with the form of a sea monster from Jewish belief, referenced in the Hebrew Bible in the Book of Job. Scholars pragmatically interpreted as referring to large aquatic creatures, the word later came to term as a sea monster in general.

The idea of using a Leviathan as my personal logo came about as a amalgamation of my two zodiac signs: Pisces (Western) and Dragon (Chinese), or this case, Sea-Dragon, or Leviathan.


To represent the Leviathan, I worked on trying to combine my initials (C and S) into the shape of a Leviathan. I was inspired by the works of Gustave Dore, along with artwork from Final Fantasy 7.

Leviathan Logo Sketch
The PRocess

My initial logo had a clear "C" and "S" on display, however I felt the logo was a little disjointed. In an effort to show how my skills have advanced, I wanted to create a new Leviathan with more detail, and more flowing shape.

I had sketched various C's and S's flowing into each other, then when I got a general shape I was happy with, I started worked on adding details. I was inspired by work such as Tetsuya Nomura (of the Final Fantasy fame) in the new design of this updated version.

Leviathan Logo Evolution

When the overall shape was created, I wanted to add additional details to really make the Leviathan stand out. I added "wood-engraved" elements to capture that sketch-like look of Gustave Dore, or Tetsuya Nomura's preliminary sketches.

I wanted my initials to not be so obvious when you first look at the logo, but rather something that comes as a pleasant surprise, to add a layer of depth to the logo.

Cayman Santoro Logotype
Additional details

The Leviathan alone could serve as a logo, however I wanted to make it 100% clear that it was a representation of myself as a Designer that anyone could understand.

I created a word type that can be placed anywhere (primarily on the bottom) of the logo and is also an amalgamation of two things I also represent as a designer: Clean Modern Design and Flashy 80s Design flourishes, as you can see with the combination of a tall, thin sans-serif font, paired with a flashy script font.

Leviathan Logo Colors Dark Backround
Leviathan Logo Colors Light Background

It wasn't just enough to use a script font to show my love for the 80s throughout my logo, so I opted to use popular 80s aesthetic color gradients for various colorways of my logo.


Bright pinks, Sunset Oranges, Neon Blues... I discovered if the colors are inverted, it adds a layer of dynamism no matter if it is a dark background or a light background.

Cayman Leviathan Business Card
Final Deliverables

I use my finalized logo throughout my Portfolio Website, along with imprinting the logo on my business cards. I also use it to mark official documents, such as invoices and my resume.