The catch

When Joe Montana took the snap, the play, known as Sprint Right Option, was intended to be a pass to wide receiver Freddie Solomon; earlier in the game, Solomon had scored a touchdown on that play. However, the Cowboys covered Solomon perfectly. Making matters worse, the pass rush of the Cowboys collapsed the 49ers' offensive line. Two of the Cowboys' defensive ends Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Larry Bethea and linebacker D. D. Lewis chased a backpedalling Montana toward the sideline, and seemed certain to either send him out of bounds or sack him. 

But at the last moment, and after pump-faking to get 6-foot 9-inch "Too Tall" Jones to jump, Montana threw a high pass to the back of the end zone that seemed destined to sail out of bounds until 49ers receiver Dwight Clark made a leaping touchdown grab with his fingertips to tie the game with 51 seconds left. The ensuing extra point by kicker Ray Wersching gave the 49ers a 28–27 lead.

“As the high, soft pass arced into the air, it looked like a prayer. Montana himself thought it was uncatchable... But Clark was in the air... with his fingertips, the receiver somehow gripped the ball in midflight... then brought it down with him to the ground.”

“For the first time in football history, the San Francisco 49ers were champions.” (David Talbot, Season of the Witch)

This was my final poster design for Information Graphics at San Francisco State University. The original measures 30" x 40".