Type: Information Graphic, Illustration, Iconography, Layout

Client(s): Google, Gametime

Teaser Map Image.png
The challenge

I was tasked with creating maps of various venues to help convey information in an easily digestible way. Below are three different maps I had created for different clients each with their own objectives, styles and challenges to overcome. 


For one of Google's Holiday Parties, I was tasked with creating a map of the San Francisco nightclub venue, 1015 Folsom.

The original goal was to make the layout look like a Candyland inspired game board, noting locations for food, bathrooms and where to get stamps.

1015 Folsom is a multi-level and multi-room complex layout, to solve the issue of fitting a cohesive map onto a single large format poster, I opted for an isometric view that also can show the different floors, and still have room to play with various Candy themes.

The final layout was printed as a large banner and hung at the entrance to help guide party-goers. Below is 1015 Folsom's original floor plan that I used as a base.

STudio 54 at the midway

After seeing my work on Googleland, I was approached to create a new map for the following year's Holiday Party. This one was held at The Midway, a large venue in San Francisco that serves as a Gallery Space. Fortunately I did not have to account for multiple floors, however this venue was a lot larger than 1015 Folsom, so to help make it easier, I broke up the map into smaller tabloid-sized prints hat can be posted outside of major entry-ways.

I had a lot of fun creating this one, looking up inspiration of 70s Disco and colors. The client wanted to evoke feeling of a night at the most famous club in the world: Studio 54.

Toronto Stadium Fix.png
Soccer stadium

As a design challenge for the company, GameTime, I was tasked with creating a seating chart for BMO Field in Toronto. BMO Field is an outdoor stadium located at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which is home to Toronto FC of Major League Soccer and the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. The stadium's naming rights are held by the Bank of Montreal, which is commonly branded as "BMO"


Gametime is a mobile ticket marketplace app developed by San Francisco-based Gametime United Inc. In their app, they utilize detailed top down maps of venues to help customers in purchasing their tickets


With only screenshots of the stadium from Google Earth, Google Images, and an excel sheet breaking down rows and sections, I had to create a vector-graphic seating chart displaying all the rows in a accurate, easily digestible display that can be scaled on mobile. The process of zooming in on the various sections and tracing them out, along with numbering each row was a time consuming process, but overall I highly enjoyed the meticulous nature of creating

this map

Up Close Row Details.png