Type: Presentations, Layout Design, Print Design

These are various layout designs including Presentations, Sales Decks, Infographics, and Print Design. Tools used include Adobe InDesign, Powerpoint, Keynote, and Google Slides created for various clients at Genentech, Google, and others

Genentech design and print center sales deck

Sales deck I created to display and inform various employees and contractors of Genentech the services the Genentech Design and Print Center can offer

Benefit-risk assessment handbook

PDF Handbook created to explain how to compare Benefit-Risk Assessment at Genentech. The color theme requested was "Luxury"

Franchises by the numbers

Small presentation featuring infographic numbers and figures for easily digestible facts. Graphics created in Adobe Illustrator then aligned in Adobe InDesign

The catch

Infographic and story telling narrative of one of the 49ers most famous drives in the National Football League.


Slightly different layout and infographic, this one is set to motion. This is my experiment on using animation to create what usually serves as a static timeline

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