Genentech design and print center rebrand

Skills: Branding, Motion Graphics, Layout, Marketing

Clients: Ricoh, Genentech

The challenge

Prior to coming onboard as Genentech Design and Print Center's Lead Designer, Ricoh (who manages the site) had very little collateral that helped advertise the services that it offered Genenetch.

Being the Lead Designer, I took on the challenge of providing eye catching advertisements that helped the services we offered, since not a lot of people at Genentech's campus were aware of what we were capable of


Genentech Design and Print Center had some collateral created (Original Tri-Fold above), however it was not created by a Designer, but rather someone in Sales who created it last minute to try and drum up business.

However, I was given free range to create anything flashy, yet make it tie back into the Genentech Design and Print Center, however the only branding the Print Center had was this a logo. If we were a site that offered Graphic Design as a service, shouldn't' we have collateral to match that?

San Francisco InspirationX.png

Genentech Design and Print Center in South San Francisco is the flagship Ricoh site of the Bay Area. At a glance, I wanted to capture the beauty of San Francisco to help associate our site as the premiere site of the Bay Area.

RIcoh Good Logo-min.png
The PRocess

I had to re-imagine our original logo into something that was cleaner, more modern and something that did not distract from the imagery of San Francisco. I refined the logo into white outlines (or an optional black version) that could be overlaid various images of San Francisco. These kinds of images would serve as the basis for many of our collateral.

New Ricoh Brochure.png

Above: Redesign of Genentech's Design and Print Center Brochure

After using San Francisco imagery to help grab attention, I also helped refine the large swaths of text into easily understandable icons and symbols. I wanted a client to pick up a tri-fold and instantly understand the services we offered at a glance. 

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Cayman Santoro Ricoh Genentech Presentation_Page_02
Cayman Santoro Ricoh Genentech Presentation_Page_02

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Fire Wood
Fire Wood

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Sales presentation

Using the San Francisco based-imagery, various information collateral was created (our most popular being our Tri-fold) that we had distributed around Genentech's Campus. In addition, a video was created that can be played on the various monitors around campus. 

A sales-pitch presentation was also created using San Francisco imagery, clean iconography, and simple to understand overall offering of our services, this was used by our Marketing and Sales team to help pitch our services (above)


I also created a video to help advetise Genentech's Design and Print Center. This short video gives a quick overview of the services we offer at the print center. The video was displayed internally at Genentech on the various monitors around campus.

Footage was filmed on my iPhone XS, then I edited with Adobe Premiere, and captions added through Adobe After Effects.

Brochures Ricoh.jpg

Various collateral was created to help give Genentech's Design and Print Center a 360 Brand Experience. From t-shirts, to large format posters (displaying the various types of large format material we offer) and display boxes, I translated the original concept across many different mediums.

Shirts Large Format.jpg