Diagram created for a Scientific Study presented by Donglu Zhang, PHD. This diagram shows how antibody drug conjugates (ADC) have a complex structure that combines an antibody with a small-molecule drug (often cytotoxin) through a chemical linker and can bring the drug into a cell and have it interact with DNA within the cell. 

This diagram was created to present a more simplified and cleaner visualization of information within the study. 

ricoh sales presentation

Presentation created for Sales Presentations for potential Genentech Clients. Genentech's Design and Print Center is only known for printing, but few know it is also a one-stop Design shop, and this presentation was created to facilitate that. (Click through to see the entire presentation).



Infographic created to show various milestones created by the Ophthalmology and Rheumatology Franchises of Genentech.

Styling and colors adhere to Genentech's official style guides.

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