Avalon Hollywood Promo videos

Type: Motion Graphics, Typography, Sound Editing

Client: Avalon Hollywood

The challenge

I was tasked to create 15 second videos (due to Instagram’s limit for 15 second videos) for both Avalon’s Facebook and Instagram accounts that promote upcoming electronic dance music events.


I worked with a variety of clients and provide iterations in a tight deadline environment. Each time a project came up, I had to come up with creative ideas and work within a design brief to create a dynamic product that was different from the last. 

Background and inspiration

AVALON is one of Hollywood’s most historic landmarks. From The Beatles first West Coast performance in 1964 to ABC’s hit television variety show The Hollywood Palace to Sasha’s first West Coast DJ residency, the theater at Hollywood & Vine has been a show business epicenter since opening in 1927

Some videos I was allowed complete creative freedom, such as creating 80s Digital effects (cheesy 80s effects above, VCR interface below). Others I was more limited to stricter

design briefs.

Dirty South - Halloween promo

This video is probably my favorite one I had created. I was allowed complete creative freedom and I wanted to make it very spooky. I took a sample from "Big Bad Wolf" by Duck Sauce (Dada Life Remix) and stretched out the haunting intro.

Using a variety of glitch effects, I was able to achieve a video that had a spooky aesthetic (a heavily photoshopped forest helped with the background).